Jacron Patches

Alwafa Printers specializes in custom jacquard patch printing services, enabling you to create personalized and intricately detailed patches tailored to your unique requirements. Whether you need jacquard patches for apparel, branding, or promotional purposes, our team can design and produce them to your precise specifications.


Flees Patches

Fleece patches are versatile and comfortable patches often used for branding, sportswear, or adding a cozy touch to various items. Alwafa Printers specializes in custom fleece patch printing services, allowing you to create personalized and soft patches for your specific needs.


Artificial Lather Patches

Artificial leather patches are synthetic, durable, and versatile patches commonly used for branding, apparel, or accessories. We specializes in custom artificial leather patch printing services,


Denim and Knitting Tags

Enhance your brand presentation and product labeling with our high-quality denim and knitting tag printing solutions. Contact us to discuss your specific tag requirements, and we'll provide expert printing solutions that meet your needs and add a professional touch to your apparel.